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New ebook How To Make a Besom Broom
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So 'tis the year of The Wheel of Fortune, in tarot reading translation so to speak. 
A wonderful archetypal energy bringing us much good luck, opportunity fortuitious times; but also pertains of course to the lessons of the previous year, 2016, held in the Tarot, The Hermit archetype. 
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The Wheel itself translates into our world as the momentum in our lives, engaged and articulating with the outside world. Like any wheel once set in motion, it requires some steering of life's terrain.


What is mindfulnes? How does mindfulness work?

Mindfulness is all about being fully present in each moment. That is being fully 'there' with your mind, of each moment. Not wandering to five minutes into the future or ten minutes into the past, or someone else's life, or how you could have bettered your own. Unless you are setting goals of course!
It's an art and a skill and one that requires practice, just like anything else. With practice it is a wonderful tool to deal with much in life including daily stressors, and stress.

New ebook How To Make a Besom Broom

Hooray! It's available in time for Christmas.
Our new ebook, 

Buy How To Make A Besom Broom-Sweep Magic Into your Life at Amazon for only $3.99 before 25th Decemeber, 2016 and you will receivea free 20 minute tarot reading, Past, Present & Future spread or, a free 20 minute Reiki-Seichem, chakra balance treatment. 

What a treat!! 

So what's it about? You may well ask. And what might you do with a besom broom in the first place?

Find us in our new shop

Come and visit us personally in our new shop
330A Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, only 3kms from Brisbane CBD.

We also stock a selection of crystals, meditation aids, reiki aids, tarot products aand handmade artisan crafts to support your spiritual journey.

We look forward to seeing and supporting you.

Love and Light
Tarot readings, reiki treatments, healing, Brisbane, Learn Reiki Level 1 and 2 Learn Tarot Meditation and crystals

Reiki Level 1 Learn now

Announcing another! Level 1 Reiki course commencing just next week. Yes, I am a little slow putting to website. It commences this Thursday, 26thMarch & Thursday April 2nd. 
Enquire through contacting Maria. There is still time to book! Although I will be holding another Reiki Level 1 soon. 
Hear the Reiki call, it will transform your life.
Love and Light and thankfulness eternal
Learn Reiki Level 1

Looking forward

Hello and just wishing to express my joy.
We are so looking forward to this week's Reiki Level 1 :) 
Have a beautiful week. Here in Brisbane, this time of the year, autumn just about: ushers in such an ambience into our world. Very special.
Peace and Love to the Universe 

Reiki Level 1 starting middle of February

Have you experienced the balance and flow in your life after a Reiki treatment session? Oh! it is divinely beautiful. No, it won't drastically change your circumstances, or attitudes to life, but it does transform and transmute lower vibrational energies to higher vibrational energies for the highest good for all concerned. This translates into our world as more balance in our lives, less energies spent with shadow energy trajectories and more energy spent being acceptance, peace, happiness.

Hello :)

Good day to all
It has been some time since last post: wrapped in the threads of woven time.
However, I notice many bloggers endure the same phenomenon, time engulfing your space. A call for additional meditation perhaps: where time becomes non-existent and your life flows more freely.
A space to allow the final threads of 2014 to be blown away for transformation and transmutation to higher vibrational frequencies for the highest good for all. Be wary of energies entrapped in all our different layers of being.

Reiki Levels

Each time I am doing a person's reiki attunement for Reiki Levels 1 or 2, my own channels open further to receive and accept loving, healing reiki energy.
It is an amazing modality and life experience. I live Reiki each moment of my life, and I have never looked back. 
It combines so beautifully with the tarot or spirit guide readings also to create an empowering tool for the self to balance energies that surround us and can layer our inner peace. 

Book now! to ensure you are ready for 2015!

Reiki Level 1

We have a Reiki Level 1 course being held this Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28th, at Albany Creek. There are still some places available, but only maximum two spaces left. 
Contactmaria to place secure your place today. 

There will be many more opportunities to participate in this enlivening and wonderful experience until the end of the year. So don't worry if you miss this week's opportunity. 

What will you learn in Reiki Level 1?
Firstly you will receive four attunements to Reiki Usui system over the two day workshop.
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