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Centre And Balance believes that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. 
We respect transparency, honesty, integrity so please read our Terms and Conditions for Tarot services, Reiki services and MadeByMagik products.

Tarot Services Terms & Conditions:

Tarot Services Payment Methods:
For 'Online Bookings' payment is required 48 hours pre-appointment. Payment can be made using our Paypal cart, or direct bank payment (ask Maria for payment details). All cards are accepted. 
When Using Our 'ONLINE BOOKING' system; a 50% deposit is required to secure your online arranged appointment. This is deducted from final cost of service upon completion. It is NOT refunded under 48 hours notice. 
If 48 hours notice or more is given to cancel, your booking fee will be refunded to you.
If less than 48 hours notice, your booking deposit is deemed non-refundable. 

For credit card bookings, the reading can be had the same day of payment.
For other payment methods, we require 48 hours for payment processing.

For 'In Person Bookings' you may pay by EFTPOS, cash or credit card. 
AMEX payments are accepted but we will have to forward on the user surcharge incurred by AMEX, incorporated into any final payments received by Centre And Balance. That will incur an additional 2.5% added to your final cost.

Readings are available via email, phone or in person in our new shop. 

Refunds: There are no refunds on Tarot appointments cancelled in under 48 hours of the booked appointment. 
If payment has been made in advance and 48 hours notice has been given, we are very happy to offer you a rescheduled date and time or a refund, minus 10% booking fee. 

For 'Online bookings' we require 48 hours notice for cancellations. No refund will be given if less than 48 hours notice is received, but we will offer you a mutually convenient alternative date. 
For more than 48 hours notification of cancellation, we happily refund 90% of the full payment; with 10% retained for the booking fee. If it is the booking deposit only we will happily refund that minus 10% for booking administration costs. 

After the actual reading: we do not offer any refunds. You will have the opportunity to consider in the first five minutes of the reading, if you feel the reader is right for you. After this period, the reading is not open to cancellation of payment. 
We will explain upon you requesting a reading, how we use the tarot, what to expect, how the reading will be conducted, that you are an active participant in the process and are involved in determining your future. 

Question yourself, and ask what is challenging you, if you do not 'like' the reading. But, if you simply do not 'like' the reading, that is more of a personal choice, and not a responsibility of the tarot reader. Hence, no refund at the end of the reading, if you decide it is not for you. That is your personal choice, and you have the opportunity to decline early in the reading as mentioned.

Centre and Balance have standards for tarot reading. For each reading we will offer positive, constructive suggestions for energy management and changes. These are offered with the intention of the highest alignment of energies for the highest good for all, according to individual determination of the client.

If you feel you should receive future/fortune telling forecasting, then again question your current position in life and ask yourself what contribution to choice in life do you give? Centre And Balance does not perform 'fortune telling' nor will we tell you what you should do. 

We all make our own minute by minute choices daily; fluxing between: open to change; open to resistance to change. 

Be your own destiny maker and work with the tarot to shape your future, not lay flowing to the whims of the energies in our worlds. 

Tarot Classes
Payments can be made before each class or in advance via BPay, Direct Bank Deposit or credit card.
We have 10% discounts for full upfront Tarot course payments when paying for the Tarot, 'How to Read Tarot Professionally' classes in full. 
Payments can be made by EFTPOS, BPAY, Direct Bank Deposit, Credit Cards, Paypal or cash. 

Refund: NO refund for any classes taken including 'How To Read Tarot Professionally'. Any missed classes will be made up at a mutually convenient time. 
Certificates will not be awarded unless all payments for all classes are finalised. It is necessary to complete all the components for 'How to Read Tarot Professionally", to be awarded the certificate. 

NO refunds are given during or upon completion of the course. If there are any queries or dissatisfaction during the Tarot classes, please directly express these as soon as you are aware, to Maria Hayes, owner of Centre And Balance. We will work with you to find through mutual dialogue, a negotiated, respectful solution.

Reiki Services Terms & Conditions:
Reiki Treatments
Payment is available via EFTPOS, BPAY, Direct Bank Deposit, Credit Cards, Paypal or cash. 
All payments if booked online, are required 48 hours prior to appointment. Otherwise payments can be made in person via the methods mentioned above. 

Refunds: Reiki treatments have a 48 hour cancellation notification period. 
Your payment will NOT be refunded in under 48 hours of cancellation of your booking. But, we are very happy to reschedule your booking to another convenient time if you are not able to let us know in under 24 hours of cancellation. 
If you cancel more than 48 hours of your booking, any payments will be happily refunded 90% of fee paid, minus a 10% booking fee, unless of course you would like to reschedule to a future date and time.

Reiki Classes
Deposit: A $50 deposit, NON-REFUNDABLE payment is required to secure your place for all Reiki Level classes. 

Payment can be made securely by PayPal, or with credit card, direct deposit, Bpay or cash.  We also have EFTPOS available for easy in person payments. 
Full payment is preferred 1 week prior to Reiki Level classes. 

As mentioned, the deposit to secure your placement will not be refunded for Reiki Levels if you need to cancel the class before commencing.

If paid in full and the Reiki Level is cancelled 24 hours or more before commencement of Reiki classes, we are happy to refund your full Reiki class fee, minus $50 booking deposit. However, we hope you may be able to reschedule and join us later for the Reiki Level. So we will also offer you a rescheduled booking. 

If you have already commenced the Reiki Level, and have to interrupt the class schedule canceling for another day, lots of things happen in our human lives; we will arrange a more convenient time to complete your Reiki Level/s. 
If you are half way through Level 1 and cancellation is necessary, NO refunds will be given on course fees, but we will ensure you complete the Reiki Level at a more suitably arranged date. 

Reiki Levels will not be refunded once the course is complete. Reiki is a system and the Reiki Levels are an effective teaching guide to use that system optimally. 
The Reiki levels are fully supported and support is provided for as long as required by the student post Reiki attunement. It is also a responsibility of the Reiki student to be open to change, open to new learning and willing 'Just For Today...' (as per Reiki Precepts) to allow the Reiki energies to flow. 
If you feel it hasn't worked for you, please let Maria know, as this is not the intention of Centre And Balance to deliver courses people won't use or feel are not working for them. We want it to work for you, because it has worked to create peace and general happiness, along with life flow, for us. 
If you just don't wish to use it, then that is the choice of the student. We are all living at various karmic levels, individual to each self and our pathways are our choices, no judgement for anyone to make or impose.

Centre And Balance like to know our students can effectively use what they learn and get excellent value for money. 

It is the student's responsibility to follow through with Reiki practice and precepts post learning the Reiki Levels and receiving attunements. 
No accountability is held by the Reiki Master for the student's own personal practice. However, the student is encouraged to practice daily self-reiki at a minimum.

MadeByMagik Products:
We will happily refund you full amount of product price if the product is faulty or defective. 
However, the product must be returned to Centre And Balance, so that we can examine the claimed defect or fault.

The customer will pay for the initial postage return until Centre and Balance staff can examine the returned product. 
If deemed a fault of production by Centre And Balance, we will refund your payment and mailing charges or offer you another quality product in exchange and pay for mailing charges for the product to be returned (so refund your original price of returned mailing and return a new product mailed back to you). 

If the product is not deemed faulty, there will be NO refund on the product. We will send you an email of our assessment of the product.

Breakages and damage in transit cannot be accounted for, and a picture of the product prior to transit is obtained, before dispatch to verify the condition and quality standards of the product have been upheld prior to dispatch. 
All dispatched products are carefully packaged to ensure NO breakages will be received. 

So in the event stitching is undone, we will NOT refund you for the product, as the quality of the product is impeccable and will not be mailed out with any flaws. 
We provide 100% guarantee on our products and crafts-ship.
The products such as dream pillows, will be fragrant, as the herbs are home grown, and the scent lasts for months to a year.

If the product is a wand or a besom broom, they are packaged with extreme care, to ensure there is minimised movement of the product during transit and they can't be squashed.
Again a photograph with date and time stamp, prior to dispatch is taken by Centre and Balance, for our records. 

We guarantee the quality of our products 100% prior to dispatch. 
Your product should arrive in impeccable condition, however, if for untoward transit reasons it doesn't and we can source the fault with the transport service, we will happily refund your payment for the product, but would prefer to replace the product, so will offer you a replacement or refund.
NO responsibility is taken for the dream pillows, besom brooms or wands upon receipt of these goods. 
It is the responsibility of the person purchasing the product to ensure it is taken care of as they are delicate products and so can be easily damaged. It is assumed people fulfill generally this responsibility within reasonable use of the product.

NO responsibility is assumed or taken for any 'claimed' effects of the products or 'workings' of the products. 
For example: spells claimed not to work when using wand/besom; or negativity that persists, despite using besom broom. There are many other variables and vibrations in the world that Centre And Balance cannot be held accountable for. 
We cannot rely upon a wand nor a besom for wonderful changes to occur in our worlds. We do need to employ additional supporting methods, such as meditations and sending unconditional love into our environment; among other interventions.

From our testing experience, if used correctly according to 'correct' ritual procedures for spell casting, including 'correct' circle casting, then the wands and besoms definitely do work. 
Mugwort is a very powerful plant, and very effective to use for a chanel of highest intentions.
Similarly NO responsibility can be claimed on behalf of the spell caster or besom broom user, for any claimed negative effects produced by the besom or wand.
Centre And Balance is NOT responsible for spell casters intentions, procedural techniques in circle casting nor for content or intentions of any incantantions employed. There's not a lot of point, having a tool but no idea how to use it. No point having a match if you don't know how to strike it!
As with any esoteric work, the highest intention for vibrational good, is the main key when using spiritual/ritual tools. This is directed and created by the person solely responsible for spell casting; NOT Centre And Balance. 
May you always carry good intentions; beware the 3X rule reverberating through your casting work.

Any disclaimers or product harm notices are issued on the product label and also in product disclosure statement (in process of development) beside any herbs that may pose any dangers; in our product listings. 

All wands, besom brooms and dream pillows to be used with care as some herbs can be dangerous for some people. For example mugwort if ingested can cause pregnant women to miscarry. Centre And Balance do not advise mugwort to be around pregnant women in any form, not purely just that ingested. One can never be too careful and always let common sense prevail. 

If you have extreme allergies or sensitivities, it would be wise to test yourself with a sample of the product before purchasing our products. 
NO responsibility is accepted for allergic reactivity or any other claimed health conditions resulting from our products.
There is sufficient notice directed towards the onus of responsibility of the customer to ensure these products provide safe choices for the customer.
It is not Centre And Balance's responsibility to make this choice for you. We are here to guide you only. We are not and cannot be sufficiently informed about you, to make these choices on your behalf. 

IF you return your product for faults/flaws only, (dissatisfaction is not a cause for refund) and the flaw/fault is deemed Centre And Balance's responsibility, we will happily refund you the mailing charges for product return and pay for the postage for replacement product if you wish for a replacement as opposed to a refund.

ALL products will have very slight variations from those shown in the photographs, as they are all individually custom made and hand crafted. Exact identical replicas are not possible. That is not the aim of this artisan work, however, your product will look almost the same as that pictured in product photographs.

NO refunds will be given because you no longer like the product or claim it is different to the photograph as the variations will be extremely slight and most likely barely noticeable; so extremely close to the photograph with only fine possible differences. Such as the colour of the pillow might have larger pink patches or more tye dye streaks. Please let us know if you specifically want circles or larger amount of pink compared with green. We will aim to deliver your requests as best we can.
Centre And Balance 100% guarantee the quality of their products, the crafts-ship in their products and through testing over time. We know that the products are created to last.

Care of Products
Wands are delicate instruments and made from various parts of the mugwort plant. Mugwort can be bent and broken, so it is advised to handle your wands carefully
Crystals are secured generally with copper wire and are unlikely to dislodge. The smaller gems are glued to the wands as with any delicate items, care is required not to dislodge the small gems. 
The wand tip will be very delicate so extra care is advised to be taken with your wand to protect the tip.
However, mugwort is quite durable also and will take a certain amount of handling within reason.
Again to preserve your wand's finest attributes, please treat with respect of intention and handle with care.

NO responsibility is assumed by Centre And Balance for any 'spell work' done with the wand. That is the liability and responsibility of the customer who purchases the wand and beyond the direction or advice of Centre And Balance. Centre And Balance may make suggestions for the use of the products, but this is the customer's responsibility.

Besom Brooms like the wands, are delicate tools and again require handling with care. They are created from mugwort and designed by nature to break off parts of the bristles when energies are transformed and transmuted. 
If/when part of a bristle breaks, feel assured that the besom broom is working as it is intended, to sweep away negative/unwanted energies from the space to be cleared. This is a normal thing for the bristles to break off. The besom is still completely useable. 
If the bristles do not break off; you must occupy a peaceful space of balanced energies, and don't worry. They don't have to break off. There is no 'have to' anything in our worlds. Our expectations create boundaries; live daily, peacefully: with an unworried, uncluttered mind.

NO responsibility is assumed by Centre And Balance for any 'spell work' done with the besom broom. That is the liability and responsibility of the customer who purchases the wand and beyond the direction or advice of Centre And Balance. 

General and Medical/Health Advice Disclaimer                                       All products produced by Centre And Balance and suggestions for possible use, are intended for ADULT use only and Centre And Balance cannot be held responsible for any use intended by the customer. 
An adult's maturational process is required to work with esoteric tools. Even adults may require supervision using these tools, as ego is an underlying factor that needs management in any higher vibrational work. Hence, we respect our elder guides and spirits. Or if needed join a coven for guidance and support. Make sure the coven is not supporting egotistical agendas; otherwise we are walking a pathway that should otherwise be redirected for higher learning purposes on walking a life of peace and balance. 

These products for sale by us only, are hand crafted with quality standards but the actual use by the customer, is not determined or advised by anyone at Centre And Balance. 
Centre And Balance may describehow we use our own products for our own healing purposes, however, it is the customer's sole responsibility to use our products according to their own will and desire. 
Centre And Balance actively encourages use of our products by customers who support only the highest intentions for the highest good for all, no harm to none healing journeys.

Keep out of reach of children due to pointy bristles or wand ends that can damage eyes, ears and/or other body parts if left in the hands of children. 

Potential Allergies/Sensitivities
Dream pillows contain herbs hand picked, hand dried and no pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used on our herb products. 
However, please be aware of your own allergies/sensitivities so please read disclosure statement (in process of development) for pillows prior to purchasing in case the products are not suitable for you, due to allergies or health conditions. 
If you are unsure, obtain a very small sample first and test near you, to see if you observe any allergic response. 
If you do have any suspicion of allergic responses, we would advise our products of mugwort, will not be adviseable for you. 

We offer alternatives: dream pillows made from rose petals, lavendar and patchouli pouris. 

It is the customer's responsibility to safely use our products and to keep them out of the reach of children at all times.

Medical/Health advice Disclaimer
Our products are NOT a substitute for Western medical health care, treatments or advice. 
Centre And Balance in NO way advocates that our products are to  replace any current treatments or consultations with professional medical support. 
They are to be used as an adjuvant only alongside current medical treatments or medical advice if the customer chooses to do so. The products and services supplied by Centre And Balance

Centre And Balance will never recommend you stop any medical treatments, or consultations with professional medical support and contacts. 
If anything, Maria will possibly suggest or recommend consulting with a specialist and pursuing medical assessments if issues are raised during the course of tarot readings or reiki treatments.
Maria was a registered nurse and also has an employment history in mental health and psychogeriatric health.

Again please read product disclosure statements regarding our products, services and treatments. You may wish to advise your medical practitioner or other health practitioners if necessary you use mugwort dream pillows under your pillow or that you have belief systems in using spell casting. 
It is always adviseable to inform medical staff if you choose different alternative therapies to support your current medical therapy, as all herbs, oils, naturopathic supports and vitamins may impact on current medical treatments. 
However, that is the decision of individual customers.

Under NO circumstances are our products recommended for any form of internal ingestion. 
As recommended if suspicious or unaware of allergic responses, please test a small sample of the herb in a sachet of material prior to purchasing as NO refunds will be given for claims of allergies. 
All material used for the pillows is hand dyed muslin cloth and cotton embroidery. 
Linseed oil is used to protect the wands and besom handles so please advise if allergies to Linseed oil. The wands and besom handles will be well seasoned and linseed completely absorbed before being sent to customers. But just a warning in case customers have allergies to linseed oil.   

Centre And Balance reserves the right to change the website, terms & conditions, pricing lists and hours of operation or services offered at any time without notice to the public.
Please visit our site or shop to be kept up to date with changes to terms, conditions, pricing, service availability.
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