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The kookaburra brings messages of promotional offers Centre and Balance offers to it's valued clients.
Center And Balance is offering AWESOME specials in 2018 to honour spiritual development in a good old fashioned way that values your creative soul!

Call Maria to find out more and how to book, or use our enquiry form. 

You may think this ebook not applicable to you, but if you are following spiritual development, making a mugwort besom broom, is a wonderful way to attune to your natural intuitive and physical self. A great opportunity to learn, an uncluttering experience is found through one's association with the besom broom. Watch as clutter, disorganisation and any unwanted vibes are swept clear from your space. It's amazing how the mugwort works. 

Tres subtle, yes! But one's awareness to synchronicities and intuitive energies become also subtly raised. 

Email maria, or Contact Centre And Balance to schedule your appointment, mesage or DM via any social media.

Centre And Balance loves to return back unconditional love and light to the Earth, to people, to living creatures. 
It makes us beam! 

See below for our special loyalty offers. 

This image is associated with luxury  and indulgence of pampering the soul, spirit and body through tarot readings and reiki treatments. Similar to a holiday.

Reiki / Tarot Offer
BookInAdvance Offer
Book and pay in advance for three Reiki healings and you will receive a complimentary fourth Reiki healing 50% OFFThis wonderful offer is still ongoing!!

Refer3! Offer 
"You are walking on air! You feel the weight of the world lifted and tomorrow looking brighter! You just had a one hour tarot reading with Maria at Centre And Balance! You feel soooo good, you want to tell all your friends!"

Well guess what? 
To thank you for your wonderful feedback and referrals, we are offering, a wonderful loyalty reward.
Refer three friends, let us know who sent you, and you will receive your next  Tarot reading or Reiki-Seichem treatment, half price, for one hour. Plus a brief channeling of Reiki-Seichem at the end with our new Aura-Soma Emerald Pomander. 
Reiki clarity and reiki light pictorial for reiki treatments
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