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Healing Cat Pillow
Hand created and embroidered for the cat lover! Velvety material used for face and filled with 'catnip' for the human owner, patchouli leaves and rose petals (both pesticide free and lovingly grown and dried). They are approximately 5 cm wide and 4 cm height and weigh approximately 8-10 gm.
Shipping additional to price and to be discussed upon adding to cart. Please use contact form for any queries or custom additions to this item. Smells purrfect!
Price: $35.00
Gift Certificates
Give something unique! A wonderful healing Tarot reading or a peaceful journey to tranquility-a Reiki-Seichem treatment! Or make it open to free purchase of our beautiful crystals. Crystal pictures soon to be posted online.
Price: $50.00
Heart Healing Pillow
Filled with pesticide free cottage garden grown patchouli leaves. Picked and dried with love. The bag is heart shaped and fits in the palm of your hand. The fragrance of real patchouli incense is invigorating and used also for grounding. In the centre is a small fluorite sphere. Use for grounding
Price: $15.00
Besom Brooms
Hand made from cottage garden, pesticide free grown mugwort. These are hand crafted with intentions of unconditional love and light to sweep through your world!
Use to sweep out lower frequency vibrations and to sweep in more love and light!
They vary in size and price, ranging from ten dollars to forty dollars and custom made besoms, prices are negotiated.
Each besom is hand decorated with hand collected feathers on nature walks, and also with small crystal inclusions, to aid the intentions of each besom.
Great also just to hang on the wall for fun and decoration.
Hang at front entry for protection from lower frequency vibrations.
Price for larger besom is listed but prices are also equal to and less than that listed.
Price: $40.00
Mosaic Plate
A Medium sized plate, similar to standard dinner size plate, made out of mosaic tiles, from India. Beautiful as a display or for beautiful occasions for fruit displays. Catches the light and reflects beautiful mirror reflections throughout your space.
Price: $30.00
Mugwort Dream Pillow
A hand tye dyed muslin cloth pillow filled with cottage garden, pesticide free mugwort. Picked and dried on full moons and filled with intentions of love and light for safe traveling in your lucid dreams. Hand embroidered with a sleeping moon and stars.
Aids lucid dreaming but one needs also to use lucid dream practices in conjunction with this pillow.
Not to be used around or by females who are expecting. It does need to be ingested but Centre And Balance does not recommend this product in any form for ladies who are expecting.
Price: $20.00

Hand crafted Artisan items for spirituality, pagan needs, gifts, psychic services, healing, reiki and meditation
Custom made by hand and set with intentions of love and protection and blessings of your choice.

Contact maria to discuss custom making with love, MadeByMagik gift item or pagan tool.

Or place your order in the shopping basket.

All orders come with our promotional offer. "What's that?" you ask.

1 free tarot card reading posted with your purchase! 
Cos we are grateful at CentreAndBalance for how energies flow and beautiful vibrational beings that support the earth and universe and we love giving back to you!

All orders take 7 days for creation and then mailing time is geographically dependent. 
Urgent requests can be discussed as special request items can be made in shorter time frames if needed. Just discuss with maria:) 

Our hand crafted products use homegrown and local items. They are created with eco consciousness, mindful of further poisoning of our earth and damage to our earth, so designed to be returned safely to the earth to complete the cycle of nature. 

They are creatively crafted with hand-drawn designs, hand-embroidered, lovingly picked from our cherished garden and set with intentions of love and healing and using the powers of the blessed Moon. 
These powerful items facilitate and support us on the Fool's journey: assisting transformation and transmutation of unwanted energies and belief systems for the highest vibrational good for all concerned.
The items being hand-crafted; may vary slightly from the pictures displayed.
The variations will be only slight in possibly colour or shape, besom size or shape or paper colour or thickness or seeds to sprout. That is how nature is perfect with it's variations, differences and not all cloned :) and homogenous. Bland and non-descript. 
These items are not bland non-descript decos. They carry the vibrational energies of collective consciousness, are quaint and will become a part of your home. 

Postage is additional to displayed cost of items. 
As soon as your Paypal payment is verified the items shall be created and mailed to you. Allow 7 days for custom orders and then postage on top of that. 

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Wands and staffs are coming soon! 
Some items made from mugwort for quarantine reasons, may not be permitted into your country, so please check prior to purchase.

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