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New Age spirituality
is about alternative therapies.
Work with Tarot, Reiki, healing crystals.
Centre and Balance Products
Alternative therapies in Oxley, Brisbane for:
  •  personal growth
  • spirituality
  • tarot readings
  • reiki therapy
  • crystals for healing 
can be purchased online through PayPal secure cart. 

Centre And Balance also has beautiful gift voucher cards, when you want to give someone special, something unique! We have many other types of crystals. You can enquire via the form or visit the shop to find crystals, suitable for you.
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An image of love hearts relating to quality of tarot readings and reiki treatments and spiritual healing and life coaching.
Centre And Balance may give you a Tarot reading via Skype or email. Being an intuitive space, alternative therapies can be delivered using intuitive connectedness to Spirit and reflect the same accuracy as in person. 
Centre And Balance understands the world energies flows in different streams. Alternative therapies can be delivered through various means outside of Brisbane/shop 
Varying ways of receiving Tarot reading and Reiki therapies, require flexibility to support delivery to the flow of life's currents. 
ALL Attunements done in person only.
Ammonite halves; sold separately or together. Discounted if sold as a pair.
Price: $14.00
Buy as a pair for $25:
Rose Quartz chunks
Raw Rose Quartz chunks, perfect for bringing unconditional, non-judgemental love into your life. Chunks vary in size moderately and range from $6 upwards and approximately 250gm each. The heavier ones, $8
Price: $6.00
Clear Quartz Point Rings
Copper bound clear quartz small generator points, help to clear your auric and physical field, while you wear it! Handcrafted locally!
Price: $10.00

Heart of the Matter Tarot reading
The Maria created spread will examine surrounding energies and suggestions for energy alignment and balancing suggested. A great problem solving, life navigating tool. Reading duration: 30 minutes
Price: $55.00
One hour Tarot reading
We can use a variety of tarot spreads to examine what you wish, or the Heart of the Matter or a Celtic Cross
Duration: 1 hour
Price: $85.00
In-depth Tarot reading/counselling
When you feel ready to explore deeper underlying issues that have not reached resolution and you want some direction, shared thoughts, intuitive guidance and activations to reach your goals or desires.
Duraton: 90 minutes
Price: $120.00

 Available Reiki Therapy & Tarot Readings
Reiki-Seichem treatment
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $85.00
First treatment Reiki-Seichem
Duration: 90-120 minutes
Price: $120.00

Centre And Balance also delivers Tarot readings via Skype or emailed to you.

And we cater for Tarot reading parties! They are fun! All the energies interconnected, creates quite an interesting atmosphere and a memorable time. Discuss this with Maria.
If you travel frequently, a distant Reiki therapy, maybe suitable for you.
Contact maria
To schedule any booking: use our Contact page and schedule a time to discuss options and your wants with maria.

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