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Learn Reiki (This includes Seichim)
To learn reiki level I II or III helps intuitive development and teach you, with full respect of the system of reiki, how to give reiki therapy for the self and others. Reiki is an ancient healing, alternative therapy. Non-invasive, gentle yet may have remarkable, safe outcomes. 
Bookings available for July 2018, enquire here.

Learn Tarot reading
Learn Tarot reading as a true intuitive guide for yourself and others, professionally or for beginners. Tarot reading is an alternative therapy to help healing.
Message Maria to book or for more information.

New! Spell casting magic
Spell casting may be referred to as spell casting magic but it opens our intuitive channel to the universe, and teaches us with the utmost respect for the sacredness of mystery, how to work humbly with the four elements, Great Spirits, and other spiritual entities. 
Starts June 10th!
Our new workshop teaches you how to spell cast, work the ways of magic, in safe, protected environment. Make enquiries here.
Brisbane Spell casting witch spells circle cast magic learn spell casting
Message Maria for further details.
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Where?                     At Centre And Balance

Intuitive Development Workshops
Learn over a four week course, how to grow your intuitive channel and learn how to experience your intuitive development on a daily basis. Intuitive development facilitates us to make choices in our lives that serve our highest interests for us to grow into our higher selves. It's interesting to be present throughout intuitive development growth and expansion. 
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Where?                     At Centre And Balance

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