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330A Waterworks Road, Ashgrove
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About Centre And Balance
At Centre And Balance Reiki Treatments and Tarot Readings are exchanged in a professional and ethical manner to: deliver Reiki treatmentsteach Reiki,Tarot readingsteach Tarot, center spirit and balance invisible energies.
Centre And Balance values people, respecting: their integrity, stage of growth and evolvement in life; in a non-judgemental, confidential manner. 
Reiki treatments and tarot readings for energy work that are healing, in Ashgrove, Brisbane

CentreAndBalance Vision
Centre And Balance philosophy believes in a world that's fair and just, tolerant of all people. We believe in supporting people to  empower themselves.  

CentreAndBalance Mission
To share knowledge that enables one to empower the self and live life fully in the present.
To spread peace with the power of unconditional love and living in truth and integrity of the inner spirit. 
Reiki treatment centre and balance and energy healing, energy work in Ashgrove, Brisbane
To shine unconditional loving light on structures of the world, whereby people may become entrapped by deconstructive beliefs and energies; supporting them in their pathways as they follow the Journey of the Fool. 
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About Maria from CentreAndBalance
Reiki and tarot readings, psychic readings, energy work, healing and New Age items for pagans and spirituality

My Fool's Journey has encountered many craggy cliffs.
Blessed I have been, guided by unconditional light of Spirit within and without. 
Tarot reading became a daily life tool. A brilliant life compass guiding my own life coaching and spiritual healing along it's, at times, brittle path. 
Tarot reading shining the light on the blockages, present in surrounding daily energies, is a guiding light to an easier path, as I tread in the footsteps of the Fool. One can chose to follow the darkened craggy pathway or one can be a wise Fool and tread the path where light shines on darkened turns and bends, supporting us to learn to support ourselves. So that while we meander along craggy cliffs, we are still able to enjoy inner peace through a different world lens. 
A peaceful world lens grounded in the present. 

Enjoy a Tarot reading with Maria. Tarot readings are accurate intuitive visions, that will offer guidance to support you towards an enlightened state.
This enables you to flow through life's stream without being tossed in the chop or controlled by life currents. 

Through the Journey of the Fool, I crossed the bridge to an enlightened pathway; to then being in the enlightened pathway. Reiki came and met me. Using Reiki treatments on the self, a daily practice, loved and enjoyed; clarity again further enlightened my Fool's Journey. 
Reiki is an intuitive  light enabling me to empower myself to safely, peacefully navigate the rocky terrains that are encountered in my journey.

Reiki is a blessing and a gift from the heavens. 
I practice daily self Reiki and also love receiving Reiki treatment from others in Reiki shares.
I have become further empowered to navigate rocky terrain or stormy seas, peaceful, tranquil creeks and streams. 
Life is balanced. 
My spirit is centered. 
I live just for the now.
reiki treatment is a blissful, totally indulgent, experience.
Pamper yourself and invigorate your soul. 

Arrange an appointment with Maria from Centre And Balance. Message Maria or call 0407 786658 and if not available, please leave a message. Thank you.

A range of learning options are offered through Centre And Balance: to learn to do Tarot readings or to learn to give Reiki treatments and an intuitive development course.
One can empower one's life with these spiritual navigational tools. They are life tools which support us being present in the 'now'. 
Reiki, meditation, reiki levels, Seichem, tarot, readings, teaching, in Ashgrove, Brisbane

Why choose Centre And Balance for Tarot readings, Reiki, or to learn Reiki and Tarot?

Maria at Centre And Balance, is an experienced health practitioner, practiced intermittently as a Registered Nurse for twenty years. 
Maria is also a recently qualified VET teacher/facilitator. 
Maria has an ability to deliver courses in Tarot reading, Reiki Level I and II, and provide ongoing support for people maintaining connectedness to the essence of Tarot and Reiki. 

The courses are also tailored to reflect Australian Tarot and Reiki practice regulations and practice standards. 
Tarot and Reiki teaching at Centre And Balance engage learners in interactive, reflective activities to feel and sense the energies involved in these modalities strengthening the learning experience. 
The courses are also fun.

Centre And Balance philosophy embraces: happiness in learning; believing it to be a more sustained and seeded ability to continue learning; using openess to learning as a tool to empower the self. 
Life learning along the Journey of the Fool presents patterned inherent lessons. Spiritual toolkits such as Tarot reading and Reiki treatments can provide a valuable mechanism in one's life to navigate the pathway the Fool treads along.
Maria loves Reiki and Tarot and enjoys lives the life journey of the Fool, reflecting upon and feeling the Tarot card energies. She also practices the life of Reiki in every daily moment, using the five 'Usui Reiki Principles' created by Mr Usui, Reiki Master, Founder, as my daily guide. 

Maria is also a certificated Tarot practitioner and Reiki Master. 
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